About GS Biotech

Serving the spares needs of our global customers since 2014, all previous employees of Eppendorf, NBS and RS Biotech, the GS Biotech team have a combined experience of 200 years gained over two decades in the design and manufacture of CO₂ incubators. Based in Scotland whilst serving an extensive global market with over 80% export sales, GS Biotech design and manufacture high quality components and design characteristics which are proven to be trusted and reliable.

Utilising our combined experience, knowledge and customer feedback we will, in the next quarter, be launching our own model to include all quality options so stay tuned for upcoming announcements. 

Bobby Middleton

Charlotte Burns

Colin McIntyre

David Aird

Diane Millen

Elizabeth McIlwraith

Ian Burns

Luc Reininger

Steven Lockhart

John Dobbs

Charles Pollock

Ally Lynn

John Stevenson

Robbie Patrick

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