All our incubators feature infra red CO₂ detector with direct heating technology eliminating the need for an internal fan. All units have dry wall seamless chamber design for easy cleaning. All have industry proven reliable components backed by our 3yr warranty (degradable O₂ sensor has a 1yr warranty).

Researchers and CO₂ incubators share a common goal – to be able to work without being tied up in complicated procedures, sifting through irrelevant data or constant checking that everything is behaving as it should.

The GS Biotech range is designed around the end user and contains over two decades of tried and tested, no nonsense technology.

The architecture across the whole range is scaleable – sensors and control systems for example are the same for every size incubator in the range.

This commonality gives the user a feeling like that of meeting an old friend – everything is instantly recognisable and familiar, but also includes state of the art features such as high temperature disinfection, infrared CO₂ sensors and seamless chambers, completely eliminating the need for a fan.

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